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If you received the wrong product, or changed your mind on the product you want, we will allow for an exchange of products within the same range. Exchanges are not able to be made between different ranges of products. Given that all dimensions, a detailed description and numerous product photographs are provided on the website, Frankie does not allow for refunds in the event you no longer want the product you’ve purchased, only exchanges.

An exchange will only be granted if the product is in the same condition as it was received and still contains the protective stickers on the face and case back of the watch, as well as the plastic insert in the crown of the watch. If it’s been longer than 14 days since receiving the product, exchanges are no longer valid. If your country is not able to receive a shipping label you will need to post the item back to Frankie and provide a valid receipt, in order to receive a refund for the shipping expense.

To file for an exchange and receive a return shipping label, please submit a request with our team.


The case and movement of your watch is covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Any general wear and tear on the strap or other parts of your timepiece, are not covered by the 12 month manufacturers warranty.

If you want to file a warranty claim, please submit a request with our team under Returns & Warranty Claims.

A minor fault constitutes anything that can be easily fixed either by you yourself, or Frankie. In the event of a minor fault Frankie support team may propose a number of options to you, about how the item can be fixed or replaced. This may include sending you any tools or parts required to make the repair. In the event you do not wish to make the repair yourself, they must send the faulty watch back to Frankie. If your country is not able to receive a shipping label you will need to post the item back to Frankie and provide a valid receipt, to be provided with a refund for the shipping expense.

Water damage is not included under warranty.

A major fault constitutes anything that cannot be easily fixed and does not allow the product to perform its basic function. This includes problems such as a watch stopping or losing time. In the event of a major fault, frankie will pay any and all return shipping expenses. To return your product to us, submit a request with our team under the returns section to receive a return shipping label. For a major fault the product will only be repaired or replaced, however, full refunds for the product may be granted at the discretion of a Frankie representative. Water damage is not covered under the warranty.

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